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WHITEPAPER: AppV or FSLogix? The Good, Bad, and Better Together.

The Great Big White Paper on when to use AppV, when to use FSLogix, and when to use them together!  (37 pages)

The latest release from Duncan Murdoch of Amber Reef, "The purpose of this document is to discuss the strengths and weakness of App-V and FSLogix Apps, and how the two can be used together to form a complete application provisioning and management strategy."

The document uses scenario-based considerations to demonstrate the pros and cons of using each solution independently, or when combined.

"Example:  When the middleware can be virtualised but the application cannot:

A version of the middleware can be installed in the OS and also virtualised as part of the transformation program. The applications that are virtualised can consume the virtual middleware. The installed applications can consume the version installed. There can be issues where an application is both virtualised and installed. FSLogix can be used to mask the installed middleware version from all apps other then the installed application (using a process rule)" 

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AppV or FSLogix? The Good, Bad, and Better Together.