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WHITEPAPER: App-V and FSLogix File Type Association Management

A concise, visual guide to implementing file type associations when using App-V with FSLogix. 

Duncan Murdoch, of Amber Reef, uses this white paper to show the precise steps for managing file type associations (FTAs) when using App-V with FSLogix. "App-V applications can be published either to the User or Globally. Depending on which of these publishing options is used depends on where the Registry Integration points are added to the Registry."  

As an example for managing the file type associations for App-V packages, Duncan Murdoch demonstrates the ease of this process with Adobe DC and FOX-IT Reader as published applications. With a couple quick steps and a single FSLogix rule, the proper FTAs are put in place for the preferred default .pdf application. 

Check out the full guide for some addtional details to ensure that FTAs are properly configured and your apps are ready for deployment!

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AppV and FSLogix FTA Management.png