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FSLogix Lab Installation Guide for Azure

Benny Tritsch and RDSGurus

Step-by-Step Guide for Building an FSLogix Apps 2.1 Lab Environment for Application Masking

RDSgurus Team: Kristin Griffin, Freek Berson and Benny Tritsch
Version 1.0, February 2016


This document contains the steps required to install a Proof-of-Concept (POC) environment for RDSH Full Desktop with FSLogix Apps.  POC environments created according to this install guide can be used to test applications controlled by FSLogix Apps in a reproducible way.  We build the environment in the cloud in order to minimize costs associated with required hardware, and to streamline the build process.

 The testing environment is built entirely in Azure and contains an IaaS RDSH deployment including the supporting network and domain infrastructure.  A non-Azure based client component accesses the RDSH deployment.


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RDSgurus POC Guide for FSLogix Apps