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WHITEPAPER: Outlook Performance in Non-Persistent Environments Using FSLogix Office 365 Containers

RDS Gurus Benchmarking Results

RDS Gurus decided to run performance tests on Outlook in non-persistent environments using FSLogix’s Office 365 Container solution. The purpose was to illustrate the user experience of remote desktop users working in a Remote Desktop Services environment configured to use FSLogix Office 365 Containers relative to the typical user experience when using native RDS User Profile Disk technology. Their primary focus was to measure how performance degrades when multiple users are simultaneously working with Outlook (“noisy neighbor effect”).

They did this by collecting performance metrics as well as video footage of a series of test runs where users in remote sessions “worked” in Outlook 2016. All the work was automated. Users opened Outlook and conducted a series of searches that queried the local windows search service (queries against All Mailboxes, All Outlook Items or Subfolders) and queried the Office 365 server search service (queries against current folder and mailbox).

They recorded the on-screen user experience of a primary user, and also collected performance counter data during each test run. In some runs only the primary user taxed the system. In other runs, they introduced a number of secondary users who also “worked” in Outlook. They conducted our tests in an on-premises environment, and a duplicate Azure environment to see if there were any notable differences in a cloud based environment. 


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