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WHITEPAPER:OneDrive for Business Performance in Non-Persistent Environments Using FSLogix Office 365 Containers

RDS Gurus Benchmarking Results

This whitepaper addresses the issue described in Microsoft’s knowledge base article “OneDrive for Business sync app isn’t supported for client sessions that are hosted on Windows 2008 Terminal Services or Windows 2012 Remote Desktop Services (RDS)“, published at https://support.microsoft.com/enus/kb/2965687. This is also true for RDS running on Windows Server 2016. To gain access to OneDrive for Business files, the officially supported solution for Remote Desktop users is to utilize a web browser. But most remote desktop users want to be able to use OneDrive for Business like they do on local Windows desktops. 

The good news for RDSH and VDI users is that FSLogix Office 365 Containers does support roaming OneDrive for Business cache. To review this functionality independently, Microsoft requested RDS Gurus to run tests focusing on the user experience of remote desktop users working with OneDrive for Business in an RDS environment configured to use FSLogix Office 365 Containers. Like our past Outlook testing, we did this by collecting performance metrics as well as video footage of a series of RDS user sessions designed to simulate users working in OneDrive for Business.

In September 2017, Microsoft has published the findings of the tests in an article titled “Dealing with OneDrive for Business in non-persistent environments”, published at https://docs.microsoft.com/enus/windows-server/remote/remote-desktop-services/rds-onedrive-for-business. In this article, Microsoft confirms that FSLogix’s O365 Containers roam a user’s OneDrive for Business local cache so that it does not need to be completely resynced each time a user logs on to a session. 

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