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WHITEPAPER: Default FTA management for Word 2013 and WordViewer

A complete step-by-step guide for managing the default file type associations for Word 2013 and WordViewer with FSLogix. 

Duncan Murdoch, of Amber Reef, uses this white paper to outline the necessary approach to centrally control and manage FTAs for Word 2013 and WordViewer using FSLogix. 

After addressing the reason and symptoms of the issue, Duncan asserts, "If the desire is to 'Control the FTA' centrally and manage the associations with FSLogix, preventing the users from overriding the FTA settings," then "to achieve this you can create 2 separate FTA rules, one for Word 2013 and another for WordViewer."

By applying these rules alongside the FSLogix Hiding rules for the applications, then the Administrator can ensure that the FTA that is applied is the one that they have allocated to the application group.

NOTE: This will also prevent a user from being able to right-click the file and assign their OWN FTA preferences.

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