About deviceTRUST

DeviceTRUST is the leader for dynamic context awareness within the End User Computing (EUC) market. Today’s requirements to access business applications and desktops from any device, from any location, over any network connection at any time brings new challenges to IT security and compliance.

With its patent pending technologies, deviceTRUST delivers more than 120 properties (see image below) of the remote device and user into the virtual session (Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, VMWare Horizon View or Microsoft Remote Desktop Services). The dynamic context is always up-to-date during the entire session and can be easily consumed using the existing logon scripts or any UEM solution. Any change in the critical properties triggers a definable action.




DeviceTRUST supports internal and remote network access, integrates transparently with any existing remote access or VPN solution and requires no additional infrastructure making implementation easy. This enables provisioning of EUC environments that meet not only the flexibility needs of the user, but also the increased security and compliance requirements of the company.




Use Case: Enforce device-based licensing in virtual sessions

Today, many organizations are using virtualization technologies such as Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, VMWare Horizon View or Microsoft Remote Desktop Services to deliver business applications and desktops, beyond local desktop deployments to users across the entire enterprise. Users access these business applications from any device, any location and any network connection, which results in license compliance challenges to the organization that need to be addressed.

Lots of business applications made available through the virtualization technology are licensed per device, meaning any device that can access the application requires a separate device-based application license. Publishing a device-based licensed application to a limited active directory user group is not a valid approach for license compliance, since users within the active directory user group can access the application from any device that can connect to the virtual environment. For applications, which are licensed on a per device basis, access to applications must be controlled at the remote device level.




Addressing the license compliance challenge requires a solution to two important steps :

  1. The remote device needs to be clearly identified without ambiguity
  2. The application must only be visible and accessible if the remote device is licensed

The solution provided by deviceTRUST and FSLogix is the only market solution enabling organizations to make applications available through the virtualization technology which are licensed on a per device basis to meet license compliance requirements, reduce license costs and to maximize ROI.

To identify the remote device within the virtual session, deviceTRUST delivers the unique serial number of the remote devices hardware into the virtual session. This hardware serial number of the remote device is checked within a condition set and depending on the results, deviceTRUST triggers FSLogix Apps to make the application either accessible or inaccessible within the users’ virtual session.